NKS#7 – Architecture matters 23.-24.2.2017

Architecture matters

The northernmost associations of architects in the three Nordic countries Norway, Finland and Sweden have once again joined forces and set out to organize a seventh North Calotte Symposium in February 2017 in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. This time the North calotte symposium will be arranged in collaboration with the Arctic Design Week 2017 event.

The symposium will work as an arena for architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers to exchange experiences and knowledge, and to build new relationships and get inspiration from each other.

NKS#7  focuses on arctic planning problems and prevailing challenges now and in the future. We want to challenge our lecturers and friends to ponder about the following themes: “Architecture and tourism”, “Architects’ roles in solving Arctic problems” and “How can architectural education support development in the North?”.  Can architecture add value to projects in arctic regions?

NKS ie. North Calotte Symposium for architecture. It is organized by Peräpohjolan ja Lapin arkkitehdit SAFA together with Pohjois-Suomen SAFA, Pohjanmaan arkkitehdit SAFA, Sveriges arkitekter Övre Norrland and Nord-Norges Arkitektföreing NAF. This is the 7th seminar. The first seminar was held in 1984 in Rovaniemi.